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10 Ways to NEVER Shop for a Gasket Again

It’s hard to kick a habit.

Some people use rubber bands.

They’ll put them on their wrists, and every time they’re tempted to reach for a cigarette, or a piece of chocolate, or a Cheeto, they’ll snap the rubber band.

Painful, right?

And truth be told, I don’t really think a rubber band is going to do much in the way of breaking a Cheeto habit. It’s a losing battle, and we’ve all had the orange fingertips to prove it.

Bad habits can creep into just about anything – even how we buy industrial supplies like gaskets.

Consider this our version of the rubber band, and NEVER shop like this for a gasket again.

1. Spend hours and hours searching online

Laptop and internet? Check.

Insane amount of patience? Maybe.

Hours of your busy life set aside for in-depth gasket supplier research?

Didn’t think so. The interweb is a messy place, and it can be super difficult to find even the simplest things, gaskets included. There are loads of suppliers, a lot of results out there for things you might not need (like head gasket replacements), and if you’re not sure what to look for, you might wind up purchasing the right kind of gasket at the wrong price – or worse. You might never find it!

Good thing Gorilla Gasket is here to help.

2. Spread your gasket orders across multiple suppliers

Who has time to manage orders for Neoprene gaskets from one supplier in Saskatchewan, rubber gaskets from a different supplier in the US, and Expanded PTFE gasket orders from overseas?

Why not just simplify your process and go with a trusted gasket supplier who has you covered for all of your gasket needs?

And what if they could even save the day with custom orders?

One-stop shops are incredible. We’re a little biased though 🤷‍♂️.

3. Find the absolute, hands-down, cheapest gaskets China has to offer

I love coupons.

They’re great for things like burgers, or oil changes, or that brand new pair of wiper blades I’ve had my eye on.

I’m sure I can get a crate load of sub-par gaskets from China that will last 8 minutes and save me hundreds of dollars on the front end.

But there’s a time to sniff out a discount, and a time to opt for quality products that work and stand the test of time.

Since gaskets are so critical to the everyday functions of industrial facilities across the nation, it’s probably best to not skimp on quality when things like plant safety and chemical containment are on the line.

Want some advice? Look for a gasket partner that offers quality and fair prices.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

4. Just try to repair your broken gaskets instead of ordering replacements

Duct tape has 1,001 uses. Repairing gaskets should not be on that list!

Many gaskets are more complex than they look, relying on advanced materials to create the right kinds of seals under pressure. Taking a risk on gasket repairs could end up costing you big time, so unless there’s a strong, manufacturer-recommended, facility-compliant reason to repair a gasket, it’s likely in your best interest to find new, replacement gaskets.

What if they don’t make that kind of gasket anymore?

We can help with any custom order you throw our way. Give it a try.

5. Wait until the last minute to place an order

I know, keeping track of gasket stock can be a pain.

It’s also a pain to scramble around at the last minute to place an order for new gaskets. 

But even if you’re the type who crosses every T, you’ll still run into situations you didn’t expect.

Solution: plan ahead as much as you possibly can, and identify a true gasket partner – someone who will answer the phone when you call and who can bail you out when there’s an emergency.

It’s pretty cool when a gasket supplier has your back.

6. Assume there’s no such thing as a custom emergency gasket supplier

Gasket manufacturing seems like a really slow process, right?

Given the material constraints, the variations in sizes, the massive variation in pipes, tubes, sealing requirements, and more, it seems logical that making a normal gasket (let alone a custom replacement gasket) would take forever.

Not true.

And who ever heard of custom gaskets or emergency gaskets that could ship out the same day they’re ordered?

Good news – you really can get custom gaskets FAST.

Gorilla Gasket can even ship them out the same day.

7. Buck the system and try your hand at growing your own rubber trees and making your own gaskets

I guess you could go this route, but the average growing time for a rubber tree to reach maturity is 13 years. More power to you if you have that kind of time on your hands to wait for rubber tree sap, and you have the know-how to transform that into rubber gaskets.

Here’s a shortcut 💪.

8. Hit up the big-box home improvement warehouse

Let’s see if aisle 72 has what you’re looking for…

Massive home improvement stores will likely have a number of small gasket types related to residential and light commercial applications, but you’re just not going to find the selection of industrial gaskets you need to keep your system running smoothly.

Grills. Toilet stuff. Potted plants. They know all kinds of information about those. Not so for a High Temperature Graphite gasket with a Kevlar Shell!

Better to go with a gasket specialist.

9. Go to a general industrial parts supply company… instead of a gasket specialist

Some suppliers are essentially generalists. They’re ok at a lot of different things, but their expertise doesn’t run deep in any one particular area. That’s ok when you have general needs and aren’t too particular about how or when your order is handled.

The experience can be totally different with a specialist.

They’ve seen it all, heard it all, they know their products like the back of their hands, and they can recommend the best solution all while saving you time and money.

Think it’s any different with gasket suppliers? Trust a specialist.

10. Stick with the same old company that keeps fumbling your orders

Last order was short.

The order before that was late.

It takes 3 days to get an email response.

Should it be like that?

No, you’re not crazy. There are gasket supply partners that pride themselves on delivering quality and value and treating you like a human being.

Have you found one yet?

Take the pledge

At this point it’s appropriate to verbally state that you will never shop like this for gaskets ever again.

We’re here to help you break these nasty habits and get back to work with quality gaskets and an experience you’ll enjoy.
Reach out here, shop our selection, or give us your most difficult challenge. We think you’ll like the results.

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