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5 Facts You Never Knew Were So Exciting About Gaskets

Most everyone knows what gaskets are these days. At least we hope so, anyway. These tiny but mighty tools are everywhere. Despite this truth, not everyone understands what’s so exciting about gaskets as well as we do.

We get it. Gaskets don’t help you win the lotto, and they can’t take you back in time to redo that haunting mistake. They don’t do laundry or repair your car for you, but they’re involved in all of the above.

Gaskets are part of the machines that distribute the winning numbers for that lotto ticket. They would most certainly be part of the construction of a time machine. And gaskets are undoubtedly helping both your washing machine and motor vehicle function.

So you see, gaskets are part of the framework of our lives. Silent helpers for all of those tasks we enjoy, and even for those we don’t. Their versatility is astounding making gaskets ubiquitous.

That is to say that gaskets are multi-industrial. From food processing to plumbing, gaskets are everywhere. If it needs sealing, then it uses a gasket to function.

Gaskets can be far more exciting than most would like to think. And here at Gorilla Gasket, we are completely jazzed by them through and through. So today, we want to share with you several facts that prove why these gadgets are so exciting to us. 

Obvious reasons why gaskets are so exciting

As one of the more common types of seals for mechanical objects, you can find gaskets almost anywhere. Designed to prevent and protect against leaks gaskets create an environment that traps air, liquids, or pressurized gasses.

An ideal gasket is tough and not only seals but protects against corrosion, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. The adaptability of gaskets lies in their manufacturing. The ability to construct them from various materials and in a variety of shapes and sizes makes them invaluable. 

Gaskets can be flat and made from metal, tubular, and made from rubber, or silicone. But most importantly, they are made strong and with a custom fit to get the job done every time. 

How do we know gaskets are so tough? They undergo a vigorous evaluation known as compression tests. These tests measure the capability of each gasket by determining how much heat or pressure it can stand. 

The testing continues as each gasket is checked for pinholes or cracks to verify it can perform its function; prevent leaking. They then undergo a final inspection by professional technicians before being shipped out of the facility. 

That’s quite a thorough process, wouldn’t you agree? As if that wasn’t exciting enough, let’s dive into five more exciting facts about gaskets and you can make up your mind to share our emotions about them (or not) at the close. 

5 exciting facts about gaskets you never knew

Before we share these five facts with you, here’s one for free. Gaskets are now being manufactured from a material known as neoprene. If you use a laptop sleeve, this is the material that made that. 

Neoprene is exciting for gasket production because of its ability to resist degradation. Gaskets need to be reliable for long lengths of time under compressed circumstances. So being able to manufacture gaskets out of this tough material is super exciting. 

Okay, now we will get to the heart of the matter and share the five exciting facts about gaskets we promised you from the beginning. 

Exciting fact #1: Gaskets are made from dozens of materials

Every material has its unique properties making pairing the correct gasket crucial. Gaskets can be manufactured out of rubber, silicone, or metals like aluminum or stainless steel. They can also be made from glass, acrylic, cork, ceramic paper, and even felt. The versatility of gaskets is majorly exciting and thus far, seemingly endless. 

Exciting fact #2: Gaskets are not the same as O-rings

An O-Ring is another type of mechanical seal but is not the same as a gasket. The same goes for washers. An O-ring is classified specifically by its shape, an O, or a donut. Gaskets are larger and are unique in shape and designed for their purpose. They are designed to seal two or more compatible surfaces. While O-Rings primarily seal a singular surface. Isn’t that exciting to have verified? 

Exciting fact #3: Some gaskets feature compression rings

O-Rings and gaskets are two separate things, right? We discussed that fact a moment ago. But it’s exciting to us knowing that sometimes gaskets mimic O-Rings in certain scenarios. Some gaskets contain compression rings, these rings are donut-shaped like O-Rings. These are found on gaskets used for high-pressure sealing applications for gases, liquids, or air. 

Exciting fact #4: Gaskets protect against various leak types

We’ve already shared that gaskets seal out not only liquids but gasses and air too. But more exciting than that is that some gaskets can prevent various leaks at the same time. A perfect example of this is a head gasket. Head gaskets are used in automobile engines to prevent coolant and combustion gases from leaking into the engine. They perform this function simultaneously.

Exciting fact #5: The most commons gaskets are sheet made

If you haven’t been convinced of why we find gaskets to be so exciting from fact number four, then how about this? Take a couple of dozen sheets of metal and stack them on top of each other and punch out sections of it. This is the exciting way that sheet gaskets are manufactured. Sheet gaskets are used a lot in piping or to control the leaking of chemical substances.

Are you convinced, yet? Ready to join our club of gasket fanatics? At least now you have these five tangible reasons why we’re always so excited about gaskets. They make our world go ‘round and we are pumped to be able to deliver tough and sturdy gaskets time and again.

We’d love to know which fact shocked you most or which facts you already knew about. Share your reaction(s) in the comments below. Any additional exciting facts about gaskets that you can’t resist talking about are welcomed in the comments as well. 

Gorilla Gasket manufactured gaskets will keep you excited about gaskets for years to come. Visit our website today to explore the gasket manufacturing options available to you.

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