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5 Unexpected Gasket Seal-Related Book Titles We’d Recommend

It wasn’t too difficult to compile this list of gasket seal-related book titles to share. Considering how easily gasket seals play into the storyline of each one, making the list was downright fun. 

A mechanical seal that secures two separate surfaces together, a gasket seal acts as a cohesive. This seal creates a bond so strong that it prevents liquids, gas, and even dust from passing through it.

These small but powerful objects literally bind two things together through the power of engineering. While thumbing through the pages of a good book, the same idea of cohesivity struck. 

Imagine our surprise to make the connection between some of our favorite book titles and how they reflect gasket seals. We figured why not apply that idea to their relation to the storylines in these five gasket seal-related book titles?

Book title no. 1: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea 

The first on our recommended list of gasket seal-related book titles is the classic underwater tale by Jules Verne. A French author who is hailed as the Grandfather of literal science fiction. 

For those who may be aware of the title, but unfamiliar with the storyline, allow us to outline a brief synopsis. 

An unidentifiable “monster” disturbs the flow of international shipping ports. This leads to the funding of an expedition by the US Navy headed by two French men. 

After months of searching and one run-in with the alleged beast, the crew discovers it’s in fact a futuristic submarine by the name of the Nautilus. In the care of the mysterious Captain Nemo, the protagonists endeavor on a journey of 50,000 miles (or 20,000 leagues) of an unseen underwater adventure like no other. 

Without gasket seals, there would be no underwater exploration. Period. What else would prevent the saltwater from desperately getting into the breathing chambers? 

Though an alarming percentage of sea surfaces remain undiscovered, and unseen to human eyes, science is tumbling toward resolutions to the problems preventing progress therein. 

The truth is there are plenty of facts about gaskets you never knew were so exciting. Including their importance in underwater exploration. Any motor-based exploration actually. 

Book title no. 2: Destination Disaster 

We hope you’re not discouraged by the name of this second title as it can sound alarming at first read. Constructed for the masses by three dedicated authors, Paul Eddy, Elaine Potter (no relation to Harry—we checked!), and Bruce Page. 

Destination Disaster is a breathtaking book based on the politics of commercial aviation. The book highlights the back and forth of a politician and a commercial jet producer, Lockehead Aircraft, during the designing of a wide-body commercial aircraft.

It never ceases to amaze us, how gaskets are ensuring our safety in the world of travel. Especially in aircraft design so this title had us on the edge of our figurative airline seats. Were the designs accepted when brought to the marketing table?

You’ll have to read it to find out!

Another title that seemed to be written specifically for gasket seals takes us back to the water. Only this time, above ground… mostly. 

Book title no. 3: Water Always Wins 

The third of our recommended gasket seal-related book titles is by author Erica Gies. Dipping into a touchy subject for most, Water Always Wins discusses the impacts of climate change.   

Erica argues that the human understanding of the intricacies of our relationship with water and its relationship with the planet is greatly misconstrued. Intellectually pointing out how many human endeavors were constructed with the idea of a stable climate vs the undulating climate we now face.

Going so far as to challenge the infrastructure humans have designed for controlling water, such as dams. The book brings to light some alarming questions. What happens when the earth finally quakes strong enough to the point of dam rupture?

What happens to the planet when the control we thought we had over water is reversed? It’s an eye-opening question and an even deeper look into the value of proper sealing. 

Malfunctions happen in human design; our fundamental reality plays into everything we create. There were 2 memorable gasket malfunctions in history, but reading about the power of water in this story means there will inevitably be more. 

To error is to be human after all… 

Book title no. 4: Oh, The Places You’ll Go 

Who doesn’t adore this classic tale? Timeless in every way, Dr. Seuss’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go is a must on this list of gasket seal-related book titles. 

Originally published one year before the passing of the children’s book legend, this 55-page adventure is never a disappointment. Who doesn’t remember discovering this book and pondering the places they might actually go in the world one day?

Slated for children, this classic is suitable for all ages and inspires the child in all of us. With a combination of funny stories, rambling rhymes, and witty imagery as we flip through the pages, it’s easy to ponder all the places gaskets might also get to go in the world.

Looking back at the evolution of gasket manufacturing over the last 50 years certainly hammers home the importance of the journey. And oh the places gasket manufacturing has yet to go!

Book title no. 5: The Secret Life of Dust

The final book on this list of gasket seal-related book titles goes to author Hannah Holmes. An unfathomable adventure into the world of dust, this title reminds us why gasket seals work so hard against the stuff. 

Our bodies, our world, and our universe are literally made of dust. Born in the dark matter of outer space, dust has gone places gaskets have only begun to explore. And although we do have gaskets in outer space there is much to discover about gasket seals and how they block out these intergalactic dust particles. 

Sensational and curious, dust is a force to be reckoned with. It can help dictate the weather as it’s picked up, then mixed with sea salt, volcanic ash, and even t-shirt fragments. All wafting through the air before resettling in a different place than where it began. 

The restlessness of dust only serves as motivation for Gorilla Gasket when it comes to gasket seal engineering. All this talk about water running rampant makes us want to double down. We do manufacture the toughest, baddest gaskets in town after all. 

When you use Gorilla Gasket-made gaskets there are zero leaks. And that’s because we’re your gasket manufacturing world headquarters. 

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