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7 Top Industrial Engineering Accounts to Follow on Social Media

Did you ever master that TikTok dance everybody’s doing?

Me neither. I tried really hard but decided that ship has sailed, and it’s better for me to focus on making gaskets.

But I haven’t given up on social media.

And neither should you. Where else would we go for up-to-the-minute vacation photos from friends and just to read weird comments – or start multi-level marketing schemes?

On the serious side, there really are some interesting industrial engineering accounts out there.

Here’s a short list…


With inventions ranging from the autopilot to unleaded gasoline, it’s hard to imagine a part of our lives that hasn’t intersected with something produced by Honeywell.

Their Instagram account (@honeywell) has almost 30,000 followers and is focused on people, science, and a sustainable future – common themes for large corporations.

Why follow Honeywell?

  • They have a rich legacy in engineering and want to be a #futureshaper
  • See the human side of a massive corporation

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

McCarthy’s industrial construction capabilities run deep to include “petrochemical, energy and natural gas, power plant construction, manufacturing plant construction, expansions and upgrades, structural steel installation, industrial piping systems”, and more.

And touting “$1.5 billion of industrial projects in 22 states,” it’s safe to say they probably know a thing or two about fittings and gasketry (i think I just invented that word). They also run a pretty nice shop on YouTube. Check them out here and give them a follow while you’re at it.

Why follow McCarthy?

  • Good cadence with sharing new videos
  • See how a premier industrial construction company shines with visuals
  • Stay connected with an industry construction leader


Bosch has roots in the 19th century, but maintains high ambitions for the 21st century with a “strategic objective is to facilitate connected living with products and solutions that either contain artificial intelligence (AI) or have been developed or manufactured with its help.”

Their industry and trades wing offers energy, building, and thermal plant solutions that lean on the latest technology. I mean if you ever want a quality gasket in place, it’s when pressurized steam is part of the equation.

They also run an admirable Instagram account (@boschglobal) drawing in 40.6k followers; it’s complete with emojis in the bio, hashtags, videos, reels, and feels.

Why follow Bosch?

  • Their Instagram feed is bright and optimistic while keeping you informed about developments at Bosch
  • You like tech and are interested in its evolution


WSP manages to keep things fresh on Instagram (@wsp.usa) while delivering technical solutions to “Transportation & Infrastructure, Property & Buildings, Environment, Industry, Resources (including Mining and Oil & Gas) and Energy sectors, as well as offering project and program delivery and advisory services.”

Why follow WSP?

  • It will be interesting to see how they develop with their recent acquisition of Golder
  • You’re into sustainability and are curious about how legacy industries might change in the future

GE (General Electric)

How many companies can claim Thomas Edison as a founder 💡? GE is an iconic American brand with extensive and broad engineering capabilities ranging across hydroelectric power, jet engines, manufacturing, materials sciences, and more.

Their Instagram account (@generalelectric) has a massive following at 454k strong. Story highlights cover a range of topics and their grid spans everything you’d expect from a large corporation (employee and team highlights, mesmerizing up-close process videos, updates, etc.).

Why follow GE?

  • Major American industrial engineering player
  • Stay up to date on industry advances and keep tabs on how GE’s advances may trickle down to other sectors

Coffman Engineers

A notable ENR Top 500 engineering firm, I think you could throw just about any problem at Coffman Engineers and they could solve it.

They don’t have a huge following, but they manage to keep it fun and professional on Instagram (@coffmanengineers) with a YouTube presence that does the same. Their posts probably feel the most human out of this roundup, and that’s tied to the relatively small size of their operation.

Why follow Coffman?

  • You enjoy the “small town” feel and office photos of a significant industry contributor

Grundfos https://www.youtube.com/c/GrundfosPumps/videos

You might not have heard of this pump-producing European juggernaut, but Grundfos is cranking out videos like there’s no tomorrow on YouTube. Here’s a more cinematic example, but make sure to check out their steady stream of production here as well.

Why follow Grundfos?

  • Getting an outside perspective on the industry from a company based outside the US
  • You like more technical videos than culture pieces

Back to TikTok

I just can’t give it up. When I set my mind to something, I have to make it work.

But don’t worry, I’m as committed as ever to making quality industrial gaskets. Check them out here or start your custom order.

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