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9 Questions You’ve Never Thought to Ask About Gaskets

So many gaskets. So many questions.

As a top-tier gasket supplier, we get to talk to a lot of people and answer a lot of questions.

We get phone calls and emails from people asking the basic “do you have it in stock…” kinds of questions to the obvious questions like “do you guys make gaskets…,” and every now and then we’ll field a few head-scratchers.

Maybe you have a few questions, and you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends because they all know way more than you do about gaskets. They’re over there trading gasket NFTs like Pokemon cards and you just need some help with the basic but not so obvious questions.

Ever wonder about any of these?

1. Are only the most basic gaskets available off-the-shelf?

No way! Most professional gasket suppliers stock a variety of sizes and materials.

For example, We stock Neoprene, Viton™ FKM, standard red rubber, Teflon™ PTFE, expanded PTFE, non-asbestos, and sheet material. Head over to our shop to check out the selection. Note: you might not find the exact same selection of off-the-shelf gaskets at every supplier, so make sure to do a little homework to find the best fit for your needs.

2. Aren’t all gasket suppliers the same?

Ever been to a discount haircut place?

I think we’ve all been burned there.

Two weeks can fix a lot of things, but not that. You know where we’re going… you get what you pay for. 

Cheaper is not always better, and often cheaper may mean shortcuts in craftsmanship or additional shipping fees.

Also, quality and experience go a long way. And if we’re talking about mission-critical, industrial gasket applications (oil, gas, pharma, etc.), it’s even more important to know that the gaskets you’re using are matched to the stresses and environments they’re expected to operate in.

3. Why not just pick up a gasket at the local big box store?

Expertise at the large chain stores often runs a mile wide and an inch deep. 

Not to mention they’re focused largely on the consumer market and won’t have near the selection, quality, or suitability that a professional gasket company would supply.

You’re just not going to find industrial grade gaskets there. 

They also can’t handle custom applications but they can cut a key for you on the spot.

4. Does “Made in America” really matter for gaskets?

American-made products (gaskets included) can carry with them a higher level of quality that isn’t matched by products from overseas suppliers. Or you may be required to buy massive quantities of gaskets to save on costs.

Placing an order for an off-the-shelf gasket or a custom gasket should be pretty straightforward and hassle-free. If you’re in the US, it just streamlines the process to work with a gasket supplier that operates in the same country.

And it shouldn’t take forever to get your gaskets shipped and delivered to your warehouse, plant, or job site. Domestic shipping is always going to be faster, easier to track, and you should expect to be able to talk to the gasket supplier about order status.

Communication can make or break a partnership with a supplier. Some companies may outsource customer service, adding a communication barrier to the ordering process, and communication is critical for emergency gasket situations.

A staff that speaks English and Spanish sure helps, too.

5. Can I get a Viton™ gasket to match my purse?

I’m sorry. You’re thinking “Vuitton.” Not to get too technical, but the trademarked “Viton™” item you may have seen in our newsroom is a gasket type that uses fluoropolymer elastomer and a synthetic rubber compound that can seal the gap between two objects to limit leaks or simply keep them together. 

This kind of gasket is perfect for the petroleum industry, but if you’re really into gaskets matching your accessories, let us know and we might be able to swing a custom option.

6. Are all gaskets made out of rubber?

Gaskets can actually be made from a wide variety of materials. Rubber is common, but it can’t perform with equal resilience in every application. Think about the effects corrosive fluids might have on rubber or the stresses of heat and cold. That’s why it’s essential to identify material requirements as well as a supplier who knows the ins and outs of gasket fabrication and delivery.

7. Do I have to be an engineering expert to order the right gasket?

Absolutely not. As long as you have technical drawings, guides, or access to the right stakeholders, a corporate buyer or administrative professional should be able to place an order with a little guidance from the gasket supplier. It’s always better to have too much information than not enough, so make sure to capture all specs and timelines prior to reaching out.

8. Is it possible to make a custom industrial gasket and ship it the same day?

That’s what I’m saying! Why would it need to take weeks or months? 

Some shops are probably outsourcing custom fabrication. Not us. Gorilla Gasket has you covered – give us your custom gasket specs and often we can ship custom gaskets the same day.

Not everybody can do that.

9. Can gorillas make gaskets? If so, I bet they’re stronger than normal gaskets. And do gorillas make your gaskets?

Anything’s possible. Sadly, no gorillas are employed by Gorilla Gasket. The guys in the back tell me that with proper training a gorilla probably could do it, but I think we’re getting in the weeds here.

Better just leave it to the real professionals.

Make sure to check out our selection of industrial and commercial gaskets. They will be strong, but they will not be made by gorillas.

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