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A Definitive, Totally Un-biased Ranking of our Top 5 Favorite Gaskets

At Gorilla Gasket, we’re all about the gasket hype—it’s why we’re in this line of work, duh. 

We share a deeper appreciation for all of the finest gaskets in life. We’ve made it our mission to supply our clients with everything they need for a project that’s durable, secure, and sealed.

And that’s why we can confidently say that not all gaskets are created equal.

Don’t get us wrong. We love working with all of our clients and all of our materials. We’re passionate about identifying exactly what it is that you need, so that you can get whatever you’re doing with gaskets accomplished in the best way possible.

It’s good that not all gaskets are equal. There are jobs in this world that can only be handled with a pickup truck, and there are others that can only be handled with a Ferrari. It takes a confident team of experts to know and appreciate which kind of job needs to be done by which gasket.

But we’ve got to be honest—

There are some days that we’re filling an order, or consulting on a project, and we’re thinking, “Ooh, you’re gonna be having a good day with those gaskets, bud.” 

There are some gaskets that have completely revolutionized the game in terms of material and form. There are others that get the job done the first time, every time—the “ol’ reliable” materials we’ve come to know and love. 

There are some gaskets that just seem a lot cooler than others, but they might not be suitable for what you need to accomplish. Here at Gorilla Gasket, it’s always a situation of, “You get what you need”—mark our words, we’ll never sell you a product that you don’t..

But at the end of the day, when it comes to tastes, we’d like to think that our tastes in gaskets are exquisite.

So here you have it: The definitive, totally-unbiased ranking of our Top 5 Favorite gaskets.

5. Red Rubber Gaskets

The red rubber gasket may look low-tech, but it packs a big punch—and that’s why it’s earned Spot No. 5 on our favorite gaskets list.

Characterized by its very obvious name and material, the red rubber gasket has a multitude of uses in both hot and cold conditions. It’s not only flexible, but it has super sealing power to fight against leakages in a number of applications. 

And if you’ve ever left anything made of rubber outside in the elements for an extended period, you know that the red rubber gasket ain’t going nowhere anytime soon.

4. Non-Asbestos Gaskets

We love the non-asbestos gaskets for the simple reason that they’ve taken a top-notch concept and made it safe.

As we all know from the endless TV ads, asbestos is no good when it comes to your health. But what you may not know is that, prior to being banned in the States, asbestos was prized for its absolutely super conditions of heat-resistance. 

Cut to manufacturers and scientists looking to find the best of both worlds, and non-asbestos gaskets were born. And to everyone’s surprise, non-asbestos gaskets have been shown to actually outperform their asbestos-counterparts’ performance, especially in acidic environments.

Everybody loves a happy ending.

Given the number of absolutely fabulous gaskets that deserved a spot on this list, we decided to just highlight the broad “non-asbestos gasket” category—but, truth be told, you’ve got a lot of great options to choose from. Let us help you find which one works best for your project and budget.

3. Sponge Neoprene Gaskets

Sponge neoprene gaskets are total MVPs of the gasket world because they are completely bespoke. 

Never thought you’d see that word associated with gaskets, huh?

Whether it’s thickness, hardness, grade, or all three that you need adjusted, sponge neoprene gaskets have you covered. 

On top of that (and depending on whether you opt for closed or open-cell sponge), you can add fire-resistance, anti-contamination, and anti-slip properties. 

Not too shabby, and definitely worthy of a Top 3 spot on our list.

2. Lightweight Teflon Gaskets

As much as we love rubber gaskets (hello, Number 5), they can get a little weighty. Teflon gaskets have come a long way in reducing the weight—up to 50 percent of it—while providing the same quality protection and seal. 

Lightweight Teflon gaskets are another completely versatile gasket on the market, excelling in both hot and cold environments. They’re more durable than rubber or neoprene in comparable environments. And best of all, they’re user-friendly and ridiculously easy to install.

1. Viton® Gaskets 

We appreciate each and every one of our top five contenders for all they have to offer, but the crown goes to Viton®.

Viton® is the future when it comes to gaskets and accessories. The combination of natural rubber properties combined with hydrogen sulfide lend to a product that’s not only superior in durability and heat resistance, but in impact resistance and chemical stability, too. 

And, not to be dramatic, but Viton® gaskets are literally lifesavers—in fact, they’re often used for sealing catheters and other medical devices.

So, whether it’s the ol’ reliable red rubber gasket that you need, or a hero-status Viton® piece, know that we at Gorilla Gasket have you covered in both product and the know-how. 

Even more than that, you know that we’ve got passion and the drive for what we do—so much so that we took the time to sit down and rank our favorite gaskets. (I mean, cone on.)

Let’s talk today and see how we can ensure that all of your gasket needs are fulfilled the first time, every time.

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