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All You Need to Know About Custom Gaskets

Gaskets are seals placed between pipes and other mechanical assemblies. Although they are simple in structure, they are essential elements of industrial systems. A gasket manufacturer designs them to help prevent leakage in large mechanical components. They help ensure consistent and efficient performance under different operating conditions. 

Gaskets vary in design ranging from simple O-rings rubber gaskets to custom designs with multiple openings, which are complex. They also come in different shapes and sizes. 

Apart from their main function, which is to seal pipes and prevent leaks. Gaskets also serve other functions like maintaining appropriate compression levels or dampening sound and vibration within a system.

Types and Forms of Gaskets and Gasket Materials

Gaskets come in different shapes, styles, thicknesses, and combinations of openings to suit different industrial purposes. Gaskets can be made from either rubber, felt, cork, or fiber materials, depending on the nature of the mechanical system it is being used for.

Choosing The Right Gasket For Your Application

The kind of gasket you choose depends on the type of material it’s been used for. To pick the best gasket for your project, your supplier and your design team have to work hand in hand. What needs to be considered first when choosing gaskets for your projects is the material of the gasket. This determines durability under the required operating conditions. The thickness of the gasket is also considered, along with other conditions determined by the kind of project being worked on.

Gasket Applications

Industries that work with pipes, either for gas or liquid, will always make use of gaskets. Gaskets are used for heavy-duty manufacturing equipment, commercial equipment, appliances, and household plumbing and valves. Industries where gaskets are commonly used include:

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Electrical industry
  • HVAC industry
  • Materials Processing industry
  • Hydraulics industry
  • Medical industry
  • Oil & Gas industry 

Common Gasket’s Design

Gasket designs are always industry-specific. Meaning the industry where the gasket will be used is considered before making a gasket. This also helps ensure that the right material is used in the production. 

Here are some forms of gasket design.


Die-cutting is a type or form of gasket design. The process is a simple one that requires just two core components. The core components for die-cutting are a metal tool or “die” as well as the cutting machine itself.

Flash Cutting

Flash cutting machines employ a dieless knife, oscillating, to cut out components from a sheet. Flash cutting is accurate for replicating intricate gasket designs and cuts of various depths and shapes. It is used to achieve versatility in both cuts and creases and ensure a powerful system that fits many different industries and applications.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting doesn’t require tooling, and it allows clients to receive components with high tolerances quickly. It is good for low- and high-volume production runs.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting and laser cutting have some functions in common. Waterjet cutting makes achieving complex and intricate parts easy, with no tooling and no compression distortion.

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