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Flexible Graphite Gasket Material – When To Use

Flexible graphite gasket material is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement for rubber gaskets. Aside from that, gasket manufacturers use flexible graphite gasket material to produce a variety of products. For instance, to make engine manifold gasket and valve seat gasket – replacing rubber gaskets that are not as suitable under pressure.

The material is very flexible, which allows it to easily conform to the shape of any cavity or space that it needs to fill. It also has a low coefficient of friction, meaning that it does not have much resistance when being pushed around an object’s surface. At the same time, more force can be applied to the graphite material than with regular gaskets because regular gaskets would slip.

What Type Of Graphite Gasket Material Is Needed For Your Application?

There are several different types of graphite gasket material that you can use in your application. Here is a breakdown of the different types and their uses.

Graphite Gasket Material Types:

1. Graphite gasket material sheets;

These are the most common type as they are inexpensive and easily cut to size. These graphite gasket sheets don’t require sealant and create an airtight seal when installed correctly.

2.Graphite gasket sealant: 

These can be used with graphite gasket material sheets or in applications where the graphite sheet cannot be used (such as aluminum). They provide a more robust seal than just a graphite sheet but will not work if there is no clinging area for them. It can also become brittle over time when exposed to UV light and heat.

Gaskets are a vital part of any modern machinery. They are used to keep two different surfaces from making contact and, thus, create a seal. There are many different types of gasket materials, each with its specific benefits and drawbacks.

The type of gasket material you need for your application will depend on the conditions it will be exposed to; for example, metal gaskets typically last longer than rubber ones but can’t handle hot environments for very long.

Is Graphite Flexible Gasket Material Appropriate For Your Needs?

Graphite is often utilized in high-pressure and high-temperature settings, such as exhaust and steam cycle applications. In these situations, gaskets produce a better seal than when non-asbestos jointing is used.

When working with natural gas and steam, flexible gasket material can come in handy because of its durability (caused by high ozone resistance capabilities). On top of that, it can withstand temperatures as high as 3000 degrees celsius in non-oxidizing environments. As such, it’s suitable for high-temperature application areas.

Additionally, flexible graphite materials would be your first choice if you require a high-corrosion-resistant gasket with a prolonged lifespan.

Graphite NANO-Gaskets

Graphite NANO-Gaskets is a relatively new technology that has a wide range of applications and innovations. It is used for industrial and automotive purposes as well as in the field of electronics. 

Moreover, it has reduced friction, high wear resistance, low corrosion rates, increased thermal stability, dimensional stability, and generally improved properties over standard carbon steel gaskets.

If you’re uncertain of the appropriate material for your project, check out the gasket selection of materials on our website at https://www.gorillagasket.com/ to learn more.

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