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Gaskets are Boring. Efficiency isn’t.

You’re in the zone.

You’re firing on all 8 cylinders (or battery cells if that’s how you roll).

Until one critical gasket breaks and everything grinds to a halt. Now you’re down for days!

How does this happen?

How can such a simple, replaceable, boring part, tank efficiency at your business?

Gaskets may be boring, but efficiency is anything but. Let’s take a look at how some of the hidden costs of inefficiency, wasted energy, and downtime can drain productivity and pose a serious threat to your facility’s success.

Getting crushed with added costs

Efficiency boils down to understanding a simple ratio: you’re comparing costs like time, energy, and money against production.

And production is the fuel that runs your entire business. Landing deals, slinging shipments, and building additional capacity don’t happen, and can’t happen, unless you can execute and produce.

The overlooked “boring” parts of the business – gaskets, light bulbs, hoses, accounting (don’t say that to your bookkeeper) – often have an unfelt and outsized effect on operations. And that becomes painfully obvious when something malfunctions.

A break in a run-of-the-mill, $100 gasket could cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales or hours of time spent on costly repairs and compliance reporting.

The business then has to absorb those costs in the form of inefficiencies, leading to changes in operations, missed goals, reduced productivity, and more.

5 Hour Energy dranks can’t fix it

The lift is usually too great.

Anyone who’s ever worked in an industrial or commercial setting realizes really quickly that 1) if you’re not careful, most of these machines and systems could kill you, and 2) it would take a massive amount of planning and manual labor to replicate what they’re doing.

Load your team up on 5 Hour Energy and protein bars all you want, and they’re still not going to be able to stamp out steel components, move thousands of gallons of chemicals a minute, or contain oil and gas byproducts.

That’s why boring components like gaskets can make a big difference. They keep the proverbial engine running even if you can’t see them in action.

Downtime disrupts the whole operation

Ever heard the saying “the busier I get, the more I get done?” It’s so true.

We like to think that lulls in production might give us a minute to catch our breath for that big push that will make up for lost time.

Usually doesn’t work that way.

Instead of finding something productive to do, even the best technicians revert back to that “we’ve got a sub in 3rd period” mentality – there’s no pressure to perform, the machine is down, and with that, they tend to shut down, too!

It’s nobody’s fault, and your team members aren’t irresponsible; they’re just not going to be able to get the job done without all of the machines, piping, systems, equipment, tools, etc. functioning properly, and they naturally disengage when there’s an issue or shutdown.

Downtime creates a domino effect: your facility is less productive, orders and production quotas are jeopardized, team morale and productivity slips, customer complaints start rolling in; you get the picture.

Thankfully some gasket suppliers (ahem 🦍) can make your problem go away with emergency custom replacement gaskets.

Efficiency is cooler than your dream truck

I’m sure your dream truck is lifted, bad-to-the-bone, and able to crush 15 Hyundai Elantras in one swipe.

But I’m telling you; nothing stacks up against efficiency.

Cooler than a dream truck…


  • What if you saw the problems before they happened?
  • What if you went ahead and stocked up on gaskets and other common supplies?
  • What if your boss noticed your ingenious foresight and said, “you are on it… here’s a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings.”
  • What if there was enough money on that gift card to even get a cold beer soda?
  • What if you came into work, your gaskets were stocked, labeled, and ready for mayhem?
  • What if… a critical gasket broke, and you just let loose a sly grin, looked over to the stock closet, and said, “we got this” as you calmly selected a replacement gasket and had the plant up and running in hours not days?
  • What if…in another emergency situation, another gasket broke that you didn’t have on hand. And you have the same sly grin and said “I’ll just call Gorilla Gaskets, and they’ll hook us up pronto”?

Seriously, what if efficiency was as simple as just being prepared for everyday issues and the occasional emergency that might require something custom?

What if it was as simple as knowing the right gasket people?

Be boring

Maybe not all the time, but be boring enough to stock what you need, look ahead, and save the day when things go south.

Be so boring that you have an established relationship with a custom gasket manufacturer that can get you exactly what you need in less than a day. 

Check out our selection of off-the-shelf gaskets or send your emergency our way – we do custom orders and can often ship them out the same day 🤯.

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