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Our Favorite Marvel Characters As Gaskets

It’s summertime here at Gorilla Gasket HQ in Artesia, New Mexico, and that means things are heating up. Our boss is a little worried that we’ve started cracking. (The crew, of course—definitely not the gaskets.)

Gorilla Gasket puts a premium on family, and a lot of us are proud parents with kids out of school on summer vacations. We were brainstorming the other day about ideas for summer fun when it’s absolutely scorching outside. 

Then someone suggested the movies, and we got to talking, and we got to thinking. We found out that a lot more of us are big fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe than we realized. 

And maybe it’s just the heat messing around with our brains, but we started talking about our two loves—Marvel and gaskets—and then we talked about combining them.

After all, gaskets are the superheroes of most modern machinery. They’re unimposing, but mighty. They’re highly effective at reducing the likelihood of disasters. They’re tough and strong, and they never give up on their mission. It could even be said that gaskets, like superheroes, are holding the universe together!

(Okay, maybe that last one was an exaggeration. But bear with us, here—we’re dealing with a serious heat wave.)

So, this week, in honor of both the mighty gasket and one of the most complicated movie worlds that has ever been created, here are some of our favorite Marvel superheroes, if they were gaskets.

THOR: Teflon PTFE Gasket

When thinking about Thor and what kind of gasket he’d be, we found ourselves always coming back to Mjolnir, Thor’s all-powerful hammer. After all, while Thor is powerful on his own, it’s really with his hammer that he gains that extra oomph, and it proves that he’s worthy.

That’s why we’re going to classify Mjolnir (and through it, Thor) as a Teflon PTFE gasket. Besides being extremely durable and resistant to all kinds of external threats, a Teflon PTFE gasket is powerful

Another part of Mjolnir and Thor that we find represented in the Teflon PTFE Gasket is the fact that it’s accessible to everyone. Teflon gaskets are easy to install, making anyone feel invincible in their time of gasket-related need.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Red Rubber Gasket

Captain America is a classic. He’s the original. He’s old-school, but he’s meant to be respected (and feared) nonetheless. Of course he’s gotten a wardrobe upgrade over the years (thanks, Marvel Studios and general tech upgrades), but he still has that classic appeal and reliability that he’s always possessed.

That’s why we think that Captain America would be a rubber gasket. Classic and timeless, as strong as he’s ever been. Just as capable of putting in a hard day’s work as any of the more “high-tech” guys, the rubber gasket is built to last, to endure, and to withstand the test of time.

SPIDER-MAN – Teflon PTFE Gasket, OR a Sponge Neoprene Gasket

To be honest, Spider-Man was a pretty tough call, and we couldn’t decide on just one gasket that would define him. It all came down to examining the various characteristics of both Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

Both Spider-Man on his business days and Peter Parker on his normal days are pretty average in terms of superhero characteristics, while being no less special than any of the other Marvel heroes on this list. He’s not particularly muscular or huge compared to any of the other guys and gals, nor is he especially charismatic. 

But what Spider-Man lacks in volume or outward charm, he makes up for in versatility, without losing any of his strength. 

That’s why, for us, it was a toss-up between Spider-Man being a Teflon PTFE gasket, or a sponge Neoprene gasket. 

Some of us thought that Teflon was a better fit, given the relative size (Teflon is much more lightweight than its normal rubber counterpart) to the strength. Others thought that the anti-slip grip of the sponge Neoprene was a better option. We’re more than open for debate on this.

IRON MAN: a Viton® Gasket

When we think of gaskets and Iron Man, Viton®

 was the obvious choice. After all, Viton is the ultimate in high-tech gasket materials, capable of extreme resistance to chemicals, vacuum suctioning power, and more. 

There’s very little doubt in our minds that Tony Stark’s suit doesn’t contain at least a HANDFUL of these Viton® puppies.

In fact, we have a sneaking suspicion that Stark Industries might have had something to do with Viton® gaskets, but we’re not in the business of exposing any trade secrets.

While we here at Gorilla Gasket are more than enthusiastic about debating which kinds of gaskets represent our favorite Marvel characters, we know that there’s a chance that we left your favorite hero off the list (After all, there are only more or less 500 movies and 29 major characters at this point.). Who would you have added that we forgot?  

One thing we know for sure is that gaskets, like the members of the Marvel universe, are always ready and willing to save the world—or the world of modern appliances, at least. And we at Gorilla Gasket are fired up about finding the perfect gasket to suit your project when it comes time to defend your equipment against wear and tear. 

Just give us a call, and we’ll show you how today!

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