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The Gorilla Gasket Global News Roundup

Let’s do news a little differently today, shall we?

Instead of listening to the talking heads, just put your feet up and peruse these 7 stories about the unsung heroes of the oil, gas, and pharma industries.

I’m talking about gaskets.

Rarely applauded, never in the headlines, working hard even while we sleep… isn’t it time they got the attention they deserve?

I feel like America the Beautiful should be playing in the background.

On with today’s stories. For you old-school types, you can even print this out and rustle it around like a newspaper if you want.


“Innovative subsea wellhead system installs in a single trip…”

It’s hard to imagine a more unforgiving environment than undersea drilling operations.

Nearly every component has to be able to stand up to harsh conditions like wave motions, saltwater corrosion, temperature inconsistencies, pressure variations, and more.

Offshore Magazine recently went deep (#pun) to feature a highly technical undersea installation that wouldn’t have been possible without, you guessed it, gaskets.

Check out this excerpt and read the full article here.

 “The DXe mandrel and gasket profiles were also part of the system installed on this 20 ksi well. They were selected because of the superior fatigue resistance of the profile along with its 20 ksi rating on both the primary and secondary seals. When combined with the DXe profile and gasket profile, the system delivers industry-leading fatigue resistance with a design that accommodates stresses in the load path caused by rig mechanics, ocean currents, vortex-induced vibration, and high-pressure environments” (Offshore, 2022).

“Global Pharmaceutical Processing Seals Market Share Projected to Grow to USD 4.92 Billion By 2030: Polaris Market Research…”

Gaskets in the press? You don’t say 🧐.

With increases in population, new diseases, and advancements in healthcare technology, the pharmaceutical industry is predicted to see an increased need for output. The result? More facilities will need more gaskets to get the job done.

This press release from Polaris Market Research makes a bold prediction that “the global pharmaceutical processing seals market size and share is expected to register a CAGR of 10.1% growth and industry revenue is expected to increase from USD 2.16 Billion in 2021 to reach USD 4.92 Billion By 2030” (Polaris Market Research, 2022). 

That is a lot of money representing a massive market.

I’d say gaskets are the next Bitcoin 🤷‍♂️.

“3D Printing Gaskets…”

While not ready for heavy industrial use in every application, it’s fun to see how 3D printing is making its way into gasket development.

This article spends some time talking about what kind of filament to use for gasket printing and argues that TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a great choice, “not just because of its flexible properties but also because it can withstand 110°C as well as very low temperatures without deforming or getting damaged, and it’s even resistant to abrasions, chemicals and oils, making it the ideal plastic to print objects that go through a lot of wear and tear, such as gaskets” (3D Solved, 2022).

TPU is an interesting material for gaskets, it’s pretty flexible and durable, but it’s not ideal for high-temperature environments (it can stand up to about 60 degrees celsius or 110 degrees fahrenheit).

It’s exciting to see where this tech takes gasket manufacturing in the future.

“Oil spill at Texas City refinery prompts road closures and clean-up response”

Proper sealing is critical to petroleum operations.

Blamed on a “​​a pump seal at the facility” (potentially a gasket malfunction), a Texas City refinery that can process 593,000 barrels per day experienced a leak in 2021 that led to a road closure and required clean up and containment activities.

No catastrophic damage, no injuries, but it goes to show how one small issue can cause a domino effect.

“Global Industrial Gaskets Market Size | 2021 – 2028 | Growing Massively – Projected to Reach USD $ 14.1 Billion by 2028”

Just like the pharma market, the industrial gasket market is predicted to grow as well…

Zion Market Research predicts “massive product demand for piping & heat-exchanger activities in oil & gas sector[s], chemical processing industry, and refineries [that] will proliferate growth of [the] industrial gaskets market. Apart from this, strict laws pertaining to leakage in factories and rise in investments for enhancing production capacity of product will steer development of [the] industrial gaskets market” (Zion Market Research, 2022).

They also cite an interesting point about developing countries: presumably less capital-rich businesses may rely on asbestos-based gaskets which could “curtail growth of [the] industrial gaskets market.”

It just makes sense. 

Gasket demand follows industrial demand, and thankfully there are plenty of options for standard gaskets in a plethora of materials and custom options tailor made for various industrial applications.

“Blow a Bubble, Not a Gasket: 101 Ways to Reduce Stress and Add Fun to Your Life”

Sorry for this one. It’s not technically news, but it’s just funny and the boss said I needed to include it. I haven’t even read the book. Judging by the cover (which you’re not supposed to do), I’m guessing there are probably some good ideas in there mixed with a few not-so-good ones.

Moving on…

“A reliable seal for large bolts”

Maybe in your mind gaskets are just for pipe fitting.

What about using gaskets as seals for large nuts and bolts? 

Fastener and Fixing Magazine says “Nutzilla Seelnut guarantees a reliable seal for large bolts… forming an effective positive seal in virtually any environment.”

And it’s called “Nutzilla Seelnut.” I mean, come on, that has to win second place for best name in the gasket industry. 

Who’s first? 

I think you know 🦍.

“Maintenance: Avoid Gasket Surprises”

Aren’t all gaskets the same?

Do you know where your gaskets come from?

Does your technician?

Low-quality gaskets might be cheaper on the front end, but end up costing you more in the long run. This article from Chemical Processing makes the claim that “sometimes to the end-user’s detriment, any gasket fabricator or supplier can order an imported container full of any color and style of gasket material. Unprincipled companies not only copy the material as cheaply as they can but also copy the technical information without doing any testing — often even making their published maximum ratings a little higher than the proven manufacturers’ numbers” (Chemical Processing, 2022).

The author goes on to lay out 9 ways “to potentially distinguish proven manufacturers from others and to help you choose a genuine product,” including brand and style labeling, continuous operating maximums, manufacturing date codes, and more.

It’s important to know you can trust your gasket supplier. Gorilla Gasket is based in the US, is locally owned and operated, and we ship anywhere in the country (often the same day). How can we help? Reach out today.

In other news

Hope you liked this news roundup. Who knew gaskets were so interesting and dashing and the talk of the town? Make sure to recycle this if you printed it out, and thanks for reading.
We have to get back to making really strong gaskets now.

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