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Up Your Game with These 5 Industrial News Sites

Some people just wake up in 5th gear.

Seems like their breakfast makes itself, they kick down the front door, take 5 calls in the car on the way to work, and get more done by 8am than us mere mortals do all day.

They know what they’re talking about, too. They make decisions that drive results, they’re not faking it, and they get paid the big bucks.

So how did they do it?

Did they just enter life with all the industry smarts they needed to win?

Chances are, they got where they are they are by learning, and then applying what they learned over and over. 

And if you’re in manufacturing, engineering, or any other industrial field, you can level up your career by reading the right stuff too.  

So check out this quick roundup of 5 industrial news sites.

1. Industry Week

With dedicated sections for operations, leadership, supply chain, the economy, and more, Industry Week offers loads of information to give readers a general lay of the land. Sift and scan however you want across their broad variety of industry topics, or zoom in where you need to. You can even sign up for their enewsletter to get a curated news experience. This is a great way to stay in the know without having to check in on the site every day.

If you’re looking to make headway into a leadership role, make sure to check out the leadership tab where you’ll see a collection of pieces about companies and executives, corporate finance and responsibility, growth strategies, and more.

2. Oil & Gas Journal

Looking for a go-to, oil and gas industry publication? Oil & Gas Journal works to “meet the needs of engineers, geoscientists, managers, and executives throughout the oil and gas industry,” and it’s been going strong since 1902!

Other 1902 Fun Facts:

  • Theodore Roosevelt was president
  • The first Rose Bowl took place
  • Texaco was founded
  • Thomas Edison’s monopoly on 35mm film tech was ended

With coverage across exploration and development, drilling, production, refining, processing, and pipelines and transportation, and paid access to industry statistics, oil and gas professionals should be able to find information on just about anything they need.

A great companion to this publication would be Offshore Magazine for professionals working in marine oil and gas.

3. Food Processing

Food Processing magazine has been around for 83 years, and their website attracts “more than 82,000 food industry professionals” a month. Their goal is to “serve the information needs of all job functions and purchasing types in the food & beverage processing industry to enable them to run their businesses more efficiently, safely, and profitably.”

Read about manufacturing equipment, food and bev, product development, ingredients, supply chain, packaging and more. You can even check out their “Food for Thought” podcast while you’re mowing the yard or placing a gasket order.

Make sure to stop by the industry news page for an up to date stock of new stories, and who couldn’t use a little humor?

You might also enjoy a massive on-demand library of white papers, case studies and ebooks.

4. BIC Magazine: Refinery & Petrochemical Processing

Business & Industry Connection Magazine (BIC) produces an information-packed, industry-specific page for the refinery and petrochemical processing segment.

You’ll find reports about legacy oil companies as well as stories about the impact of electric vehicles (EVs) and technologies like carbon capture.

BIC offers other industry segment coverage as well including power generation, pipelines, natural gas, offshore and marine, and touches on sustainability.

5. POWER Magazine

POWER Magazine (don’t you love all caps?) provides “News & Technology for the Global Energy Industry,” and after its start in 1882, it’s evolved to deliver “exclusive analysis of the latest trends, best practices, and power generation and related projects through several platforms, including print, digital, and in person.”

Its coverage of industry topics is truly impressive and includes information and stories about everything from geothermal, coal, connected plants, nuclear, water and wind to cybersecurity, legislative, and emerging technologies.

Now it’s time to up your gasket game, too.

Anyone who’s been in food processing, petrochemical, oil and gas, refining, mining, power generation, utility, or equipment manufacturing knows that a system is only as good as its parts.

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