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Viton Gaskets and the Art of Simplicity

Viton Gaskets and the Art of Simplicity

Roses are red, violets are blue, and Viton® gaskets may be the gaskets for you—that’s how the old poem goes, right? Regardless, Viton gaskets have become an essential component in an ever-expanding array of industries and machines. From large-scale gaskets, aerospace transportation, and oil refinement to smaller gaskets for use in medical fields, Viton gaskets have proven to be extremely reliable in all kinds of environments.

There are countless reasons why Viton gaskets are so widely sought after—and we’ll get into those later. However, the focus of this blog will be on one of its best traits—simplicity. Gaskets are a very simple invention that serves an equally simple purpose: to seal the gap between two surfaces. But simple doesn’t have to mean uninteresting, and when it comes to our Viton gaskets, that certainly isn’t the case!

Here at Gorilla Gasket, our Viton gaskets are the toughest and most beloved gaskets in the business! We work with the highest-quality raw materials to custom design and cut any Viton gaskets you can imagine that you may need for your business. Other gasket-makers only work with cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill gasket designs, but that’s not us. You give us the specs, and we’ll design the prototype from scratch, produce your order, and deliver it right to your doorstep.

But enough about us, you came here to learn more about Viton gaskets, so an education on gaskets you shall receive! First, we’ll jump into the basics of what separates Viton gaskets from other variations. Then, we’ll get into what makes simplicity so important when it comes to gaskets and what industries swear by our top-of-the-line Viton gaskets for their day-to-day needs. Let’s get started!

Lets KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple)

Hold your horses, we don’t know each other that well, but something we do already know is what a gasket does. However, we haven’t touched on what precisely a gasket is and what makes something a Viton gasket as opposed to some other type of gasket.

What Is a Gasket?

As we mentioned above, a gasket is a mechanical component that fills the space between two or more surfaces and ensures that nothing leaks into or out of a given area. Gaskets can be made out of a variety of flat materials, such as paper (not the same kind as in a book), rubber, metal, fluoroelastomer, and more. The chosen material for any given gasket will be directly related to its intended use.

For example, paper gaskets can work well in the thermostats, oil filters, and carburetors of automobiles. In contrast, fluoroelastomer gaskets are the go-to choice for machines that operate in extreme temperatures and under high pressure.

What Is a Viton Gasket?

A Viton gasket is one that is made out of the fluoroelastomer (or fluoro-rubber) produced by the Viton brand—simple, right?

So, What Is This Fluoroelastomer Thing?

We are so glad you asked—we love this stuff. Fluoroelastomer is a type of synthetic rubber that has been proven to be one of the best materials for gaskets. That’s because:

  1. It can withstand an immense level of heat (frequently as high as 500°F) thanks to its superior heat resistance.
  2. It is highly resistant to damage from corrosive chemicals such as oil, ethanol, and even bodily fluids.
  3. It can survive constant and immense pressure thanks to its fluoro-rubber composition.

The fluoroelastomer used for our top-notch Viton gaskets is part of a larger group of fluoroelastomer materials called Fluorine Kautschuk Materials (don’t worry—we can shorten that to FKM to make it easier). The world learned about FKMs when they were first introduced in the 1950s as a next-level substitute for rubber materials where previous variations had failed. And since then, they’ve become even more effective and have become a mainstay gasket material all around the world.

If you’re a fellow gasket-head like us and are itching to learn more about FKMs, you can check out our other blog that will tell you everything that you need to know about our Viton gasket FKM material!

Simplicity Maketh the Gasket

With that groundwork laid out, it’s time to move on to the bread and butter of this blog—simplicity. 

Not everything in life has the luxury of being simple. Some tasks, machines, and industries are just complicated by nature. But that’s why the simpler we keep those things that can be, the easier and more complex systems become. And that’s especially true when it comes to our Viton gaskets and the complex technologies that they’re used in.

There are many reasons why the simple nature and design of our gaskets, and Viton gaskets in general, have been vital to their successful implementation into countless industries. 

Our Viton gaskets are simple to make.

That is, of course, when you’re the gasket manufacturing world headquarters like we are here at Gorilla Gasket. We have the cutting-edge tools and heavy machinery to mass produce top-of-the-line Viton gaskets with pinpoint accuracy and a lightning-fast turnaround time.

The fact that our Viton gaskets can be efficiently recreated and replaced to even the most exact specifications means that when old, worn-out gaskets need to be replaced, the affected machine or system can get back up and running with as little downtime as possible! You can already start to see why simplicity isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Our Viton gaskets are simple to customize.

Thanks to the chemical properties inherent in the fluoroelastomer composition of our Viton gaskets, they are also simple to customize when worked on by the trained hands of a Gorilla Gasket gasket-maker! The Viton fluoroelastomer makes the gaskets highly durable and resistant to pressure, heat, cold, and many corrosive chemicals while simultaneously being equally as flexible in terms of size, shape, and cut-out design.

So whether you’re in charge of sourcing quality gaskets for the healthcare industry, oil refinement industry, or something else entirely, your customization options for Viton gaskets here at Gorilla Gasket are practically limitless. Trust us—we’ve made everything from fire-tube and valve gaskets to Garlock® and man-way gaskets.

Viton gaskets have one simple job.

As with most simple things, their intended use is clear, and they can achieve that goal easily. Imagine if an apple, meant to provide living beings with nourishment, was hard to eat and possibly even hurt you if you tried to take a bite out of it (looking at you, pineapples—do better). 

More relevantly, imagine if Viton gaskets required special attention and care to seal components properly and required a backlog of knowledge to use easily. That would obviously be a pain. That’s why we choose to make our gaskets with the amazing Viton material. It ensures that every gasket we make can carry its own weight no matter what its intended use is going to be. And since they’re so durable and damage-resistant, they’ll last a long while, saving you from additional orders and unwanted downtime.

Viton gaskets are simply safer and more reliable.

Time and time again, the outstanding fluoroelastomer material that serves as the foundation of our Viton gaskets has been proven to be the safer, more reliable option, thanks to everything we’ve mentioned above and more.

They help reduce the margin of error for any machine by remaining tough where other gaskets may fail or falter. That’s why you can find Viton gaskets in almost every industry that you can imagine—and that’s what our next section is all about.

Simple Gaskets in Complex Industries

As we said in the beginning, simple doesn’t have to mean boring! Our Gorilla Gasket Viton gaskets are key components in a variety of exciting and thriving industries. If the entirety of the blog so far hasn’t sold you on just how awesome Viton gaskets are, well, then buckle up and let us walk you through their almost unending number of uses from aeronautics, aerospace, health care, and more!

Food Processing

Viton gaskets are a staple of the food processing industry due to the fact they’re safe to remain in constant contact with food and are fully FDA-approved to do so. So the next time that you’re chowing down on a morning bowl of cereal or taking a sip of your favorite energy drink, remember that it took a long series of Viton gaskets just to make its way to you!

Power Generation and Other Utilities

They’re even helping to keep your computer powered while you’re reading this. Viton gaskets are widely used for an interesting variety of utility equipment in both energy and water utility facilities. They also find use doing the dirty work of keeping sewage pipes perfectly sealed and secure while they transport substances that we won’t mention here in good company.

Mining and Refining

As we lightly touched on earlier in the blog, Viton gaskets are often the go-to choice for mining and refining operations of all kinds—especially oil refinement. That’s all thanks to the fluoroelastomer’s high heat, pressure, and chemical resistance. So while you’re waiting for your tank to fill the next time you’re at a gas station, you’ll probably find yourself thinking about gaskets (sorry).


Speaking of cars, even your own vehicle could be packing a few Gorilla Gasket Viton gaskets! If you pop open your vehicle’s hood, you’ll find gaskets wherever there is a hose, pipe, or valve, and even right there in your engine. Though many different materials of gaskets can be used in automobiles, the use of a Viton gasket ensures that you definitely won’t have to replace them often.

Manufacturing Equipment

As you may have guessed by their use in the food and oil industries, Viton gaskets can basically be found in most manufacturing equipment. Large-scale manufacturing equipment needs to be able to withstand the strain of constant use thanks to the modern world’s demand placed on our supply chains. As such, our helpful little gaskets create one less worry for manufacturers in all avenues of business.


For a good reason, the pharmaceutical industry is heavily-regulated. These regulations dictate that any materials that are used must meet strict safety standards to ensure the well-being of all consumers. Once again, Viton gaskets make for the perfect pharmaceutical gasket thanks to their heat and chemical resistance properties. They are also fully compliant with all the applicable FDA regulations!


The frigid temperatures at high altitudes and in space, as well as the heat generated by plane engines and space shuttle rockets, require gaskets that are tough enough to deal with those extreme environments. Try to take a guess as to why Viton gaskets are often the industry standard for air and space flight—go ahead, we’ll wait…

If you said anything about their durability under pressure and extreme temperature resistance, you nailed it!


Not only are Viton gaskets used to help take humans up into the sky and beyond, but they also help us to explore the depths of the sea. Just the same as the aerospace industry, this is thanks to the low-temperature resistance and strength of the FKM material used in our Gorilla Gasket Viton gaskets.

Make Your Order of Viton Gaskets Simple With Gorilla Gasket

The fact of the matter is this: Viton gaskets are simply one of the best choices when it comes to gaskets. And when you get yours from our crew here at Gorilla Gasket, you’re keeping things simple by enlisting help from the best in the business.

Though it’s certainly not a profession for everyone, we love gasket-making. Artists have brushes and canvases; poets have pens and paper; mechanics have work gloves and diesel engines—and us? Well, we have a warehouse full of the best gasket materials available and the state-of-the-art equipment to make any gasket, no matter the shape, size, or complexity. 

Every work of gasket art we create is held to the highest standards of precision and performance to ensure that we never send a piece that doesn’t fully satisfy. Moreover, we are proud of our unmatched customer service and fast turnaround time on orders with even the most unique measurements and specifications—all at an unbeatable price point.

So, get your Viton gaskets today right here from Gorilla Gasket! Feel free to browse our standard, pre-made selection of gaskets online and order whenever you’re ready. If you’d like to place an order for custom Viton gaskets, please get in touch with us directly for an initial quote. We look forward to hearing from you!