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What Do Dogs, Beer, and Gaskets Viton Have in Common?

They say that dogs and beer are two of the biggest factors for making human civilization possible. So if that’s true, that means human civilization is basically one truck away from being the perfect country song.

Seriously though – it’s true what they say about dogs and beer. These allowed early civilizations to improve the way they hunted and stored grain, which ultimately gave people the ability to secure the calories needed to build cities and create an industrialized society.

Since then, people have found ways to explore and travel our planet and solar system, build massive skyscrapers, design enormous industrial machinery, and create the advanced electronics that we use to bring the entire world together. And none of this would be possible without a special material called Viton.

This synthetic polymer could easily be placed among the greatest innovations of the 20th century, and since its inception, it has been applied across a huge range of commercial and industrial applications.

But what makes this rubber so special?

Viton is virtually leak-proof, has excellent heat resistance, withstands exposure to many types of corrosive chemicals, stays flexible and strong under extreme conditions, and it is 100% proven to protect against aggressive ex-girlfriends. It’s basically the John Wayne of rubbers: tough, no-nonsense, and shot in color.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that gaskets Viton have revolutionized human civilization.

Gaskets Viton in Aerospace

Gaskets Viton first made their debut in 1957 when the material was recognized for its potential to provide a high-performance seal in aerospace applications. It quickly spread to other parts of the aerospace industry due to its ability to withstand the high temperatures found in jet engines, as well as its ability to resist degradation in the presence of certain chemicals.

Since it was first used in jet engines and airplane parts, gaskets Viton has gone on to become a staple in space exploration. Because space vehicles can frequently be exposed to extreme variations in temperature several times throughout the day, gaskets Viton are frequently used due to their ability to remain tough, yet still elastic, under these extreme conditions.

Gaskets Viton are also entrusted to keep cabins and other airtight compartments within spaceships (No, not the kind with little green men. But who knows?). Gaskets Viton are well-known for their resistance to enormous amounts of pressure, allowing them to keep astronauts and their equipment isolated from the uninhabitable conditions of space.

This even extends to the space suits used in space walks, or extravehicular mobility units as they are also known. This material is so tough and reliable that it is used to seal off the very life support systems that sustain astronauts while they are outside their ships.

Gaskets Viton in Gas and Oil

Another game changer for human civilization, gas and oil refinement is a process that goes way beyond the gas pump. The entire world relies on gas and oil for getting around, transporting goods, powering industrial farming equipment so we can feed our families, and much, much more. And this is made possible in large part by gaskets Viton, which facilitate this process from start to finish.

Gaskets Viton can often be found in the drilling equipment used to extract natural gas and crude oil from below the ground, and oftentimes from under the ocean. Viton is a choice material for this process as well because of its resistance to corrosive substances, heat, and pressure.

Without gas and oil, our world would certainly look very different, and it is thanks to gaskets Viton that we are able to take advantage of its benefits.

Gaskets Viton in Renewable Energy

With heavy pushes to promote the importance of moving to greener forms of energy, gaskets Viton will likely continue to be a huge part of our future as a species.

Gaskets Viton are used for their characteristic qualities in many forms of green energy production, such as solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants, battery systems, and fuel cells.

Gaskets Viton are able to isolate all of the very components within all these applications, while maintaining their integrity in the presence of the chemicals and conditions involved in these forms of energy production.

What Are the Cons of Gaskets Viton?

Although it is extremely tough and resistant, Viton does have some limitations, but these can usually be remedied to some degree by making variations in Viton’s chemical composition.


When it is compressed for an extended period of time, Viton can sometimes be unable to recover its original shape, resulting in some limitations in its long-term sealing abilities.

Low Temperature

When compared to some other elastomers, Viton has a lower performance rating for cold temperatures. It will typically start to lose elasticity and some of its sealing properties at temperatures below -5 degrees Fahrenheit.


Viton can be prone to swelling when it comes into contact with certain substances, but two of the most common enemies of Viton are ketones and hydrocarbons. However, higher grades of Viton are usually resistant to most of the substances they might be exposed to.


Because of its diverse and robust capabilities, Viton is somewhat expensive in comparison to lower-grade elastomers, but the difference in price is often worth it for applications that will benefit from Viton’s special properties. Using Viton in place of a cheaper material can keep equipment working more efficiently while requiring less maintenance.

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