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Your Emergency is Our Priority

You might remember the old FedEx tagline; “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

It’s dripping with 80s nostalgia, but it tells us something.

Urgency matters.

And if urgency matters, emergencies really matter.

Whether your emergency is deadline driven, safety related, or it’s tied to your ability to generate revenue, you need someone now and you need to know they have your back.

BTW – Since you may be dealing with an unexpected gasket emergency right now, let’s cut to the chase. Contact us and we’ll help – heck, call us right now: 575-746-1730.

If you’re not in the middle of an emergency, learn more about how we can help in these common emergency gasket situations.

New construction deadlines

Dealing with new plant, industrial facility, or commercial construction comes with its own set of unique challenges…and gasket needs.

What can start out as a straightforward project timeline gets compressed into a mad-dash-race-to-the-finish, and it’s easy for subcontractors, general contractors, or project managers to accidentally miss critical order deadlines.

On-site crews usually have limited windows and are often time-bound by permits and regulations to complete their work on schedule. This can put the People-Who-Need-That-Gasket-YESTERDAY in a tough spot as they scramble to complete their work on time. 

What happens when they have the wrong TEFLON™ PTFE gasket? Or it just didn’t get ordered?

They freak out first. Then they blame someone. Then they hope someone can rescue them!

Good news: Gorilla Gasket stocks TEFLON™ PTFE gaskets and can create a custom version often the same day. (Not all heroes wear capes.)

Critical environment failures and disasters

PTFE gaskets are critical to large-scale industrial applications. 

If one, or a series of gaskets fails, the consequences can be costly and sometimes devastating.

Picture a gasket failure at a petroleum facility, chemical plant, or pharmaceutical facility. Not only is there the potential for production to be halted, but other equipment could be damaged as well, not to mention the risk to facility personnel.

How do you recover? And how do you do it fast?

Obviously procedures, manuals and OSHA guidelines may come into play, but there may be no clear process for quickly identifying a gasket replacement. That’s where speed and accuracy matters. There’s no winging it here. Make sure to comply with all applicable processes, and contact a trusted gasket supplier as soon as possible.

Public safety and ecological emergencies

Keeping drinking water supplies clean and clear is a major concern for water and wastewater industries. And they rely on non-asbestos gaskets to keep things flowing. 

A gasket break here could mean the public water supply gets contaminated or can’t be used for… who knows how long? Days, weeks?

That can’t happen. And you can’t wait for a slow-moving vendor to deliver what you need. You may even require a custom gasket for a critical water or wastewater system repair. Know who to contact now before the emergency leaves you scrambling.

Faulty or damaged gaskets could also be responsible for ecological disasters like oil and chemical spills, poisoning groundwater and other natural resources. In either case, the threat to the public is obvious.

Facility managers and plant personnel need to take action quickly, and they need to be confident that their emergency is a priority for their gasket supplier.

Inventory emergencies

Some emergencies don’t cause risk to life or property.

They cause risk to business operations, payroll, and more.

Service and repair businesses often plan ahead and stock a variety of gaskets at their warehouses (or on their service trucks), but they can’t foresee every single situation. If they run out of inventory, their ability to respond to their customers’ needs goes downhill fast, jeopardizing revenue with every single delay.

Access to a wide inventory of off the shelf gaskets in a variety of materials is directly tied to their ability to deliver services to their customers. And since service businesses operate within tight timelines, they don’t have time to wait a week on a gasket order.

Custom emergency gaskets… no problem

At Gorilla Gasket, we take your problem seriously. Every time.

Get in touch with us as soon as possible and most of the time you can get an off-the-shelf or  custom gasket shipped the same day. 

Yes. Shop our current inventory or contact us today for a custom quote.

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