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Neoprene Ring Gaskets


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These are ANSI standard, 150# gaskets. If you need any other class (300, 600, 900, etc), just let us know, we can make it!

Abrasion Resistance: Excellent

  • Tear Resistance: Good

  • Solvent Resistance: Fair

  • Oil Resistance: Fair

  • Aging Weather / Sunlight: Good

Neoprene rubber, also known as neoprene polychloroprene, is a versatile synthetic rubber. As a multipurpose elastomer, neoprene rubber can be used to fit a wide variety of consumer products thanks to benefits like outstanding toughness and various resistances.

If you’re looking for custom sizing please use our quote from here. Or call us direct @ 575-746-1730.

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Weight N/A
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1/16"Thick, 1/8"Thick, 1/4"Thick

Pipe Size

1/2"-150lb, 3/4"-150lb, 1"-150lb, 1-1/4"-150lb, 1-1/2"-150lb, 2"-150lb, 3"-150lb, 4"-150lb, 6"-150lb, 8"-150lb, 10"-150lb, 10"-150lb, 12"-150lb, 14"-150lb, 16"-150lb, 18"-150lb, 20"-150lb, 24"-150lb

gorilla gasketNeoprene Ring Gaskets
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