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Red Rubber Full Face (FF) Gaskets


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These are ANSI standard, 150# flat face (i.e. full face or flat face) gaskets. If you need any other class (300, 600, 900, etc), just let us know, we can make it!

SBR Red Rubber is a copolymer of styrene and butadiene with properties very similar to natural rubber and can be readily substituted as a low price alternative. It has generally good physical properties making it an economical gasket material. SBR conforms easily to uneven flange surfaces, has good abrasion resistance, excellent impact strength, very good resilience and a high tensile strength.

Red Rubber (SBR) is a very popular flange gasket material for hot or cold water. SBR Red Rubber is not suited for use with oils, fuels, solvents or hydraulic fluids.

Durometer Rating (hardness): 70
Temperature Range: -22°F to +158°F
Tensile Strength: 600 PSI
Gauge (thickness): 1/16”, 1/8”

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1/16"Thick, 1/8"Thick

Pipe Size

1/2" – 150lb, 3/4" – 150lb, 1" – 150lb, 1-1/4" – 150lb, 1-1/2" – 150lb, 2" – 150lb, 3" – 150lb, 4" – 150lb, 6" – 150lb, 8" – 150lb, 10" – 150lb, 12" – 150lb, 14" – 150lb, 16" – 150lb, 18" – 150lb, 20" – 150lb, 24" – 150lb

Red Rubber GasketsRed Rubber Full Face (FF) Gaskets
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