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Expanded (ePTFE) Sheet Material


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Expanded PTFE is a sealing material that undergoes an expansion process that produces a microporous and fibrous structure. The microporous fibrous structure gives the product its unique mechanical features. Expanded PTFE is commonly used to seal flange joints in fire hydrants, pipelines, and hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Expanded PTFE is also a perfect material to deploy when sealing plastic or glass flanges and pressure vessels.

The extremely compressible material is a food-approved product and can be used in sealing food and consumables, including drinks and pharmaceutical products. Expanded PTFE is usually converted into gaskets that are perfect for worn or damaged flanges.

Advantages of ePTFE

Excellent Tightness & Full Resistance

ePTFE is commonly used as a sealing agent because of its excellent tightness property. When used as gaskets, it is a perfect material for flanges that are worn due to age or use. It can also be used in pipeline sealing, offering full resistance against pressure built up within the pipeline.

Suitable for Wide Flange Gaps

ePTFE is a suitable material to be used for the repair of flanges with wide gaps. The durability and flexibility of the material make it particularly easier to work with. However, ePTFE has to be completely locked in and meshed to prevent pressure or fluid from escaping.

Easy to Install

Expanded PTF is a flexible material with a microporous fibrous structure that makes it easy to handle and install. Although the material is soft, it has a high strength property and is durable.

Easy to Cut, Plotter, and Punch

ePTFE is easy to handle because of its soft nature. Irrespective of the application it is to be used for, it is easy to cut, punch, and plotter.

Other advantages of this material include


  • Food approved
  • Suitable for high-temperature applications
  • Excellent recovery properties
  • Allows precise mathematical approach to sealing
  • It can withstand high loads and has a very low cold-flow tendency.

Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) sheet comprises a highly fibrillated and porous microstructure that contributes to excellent sealing capability.

ePTFE sheet’s compressibility, creep resistance and sealing ability are superior to other PTFE-based gaskets. These properties combined with excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability make ePTFE sheet one of the most versatile gasket materials today.

Temperature range -400F (-240C) to 500F (+260C).

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gorilla gasketExpanded (ePTFE) Sheet Material
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