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Teflon™ PTFE Gaskets


Our PTFE gaskets have turned out to be a favorite of many plumbers due to their many benefits.

High Durability

PTFE gaskets offer better resistance to chemicals, heat, and other harsh environmental conditions than standard rubber or neoprene gaskets. These diverse advantages make the gaskets a popular choice for numerous applications where one of the following conditions prevails:

Easy Installation/Removal

Our PTFE gaskets are simple to install using your hands. This convenience makes them the ideal choice for plumbing, fuel, and oil installation.

Good Service Life

The gaskets are also highly resistant to heat and chemicals. They can be used in applications with a hot or corrosive environment such as pipelines, boilers, or power generation plants. In addition, their long life allows them to last up to 25 times longer than rubber and 20 times longer than neoprene gaskets.


PTFE gaskets weigh only 25-50% of what standard rubber gaskets weigh. This makes them the perfect choice for hot or cold environments where there is a need to reduce weight.

Convenient For Bulk And Bulk Handling Operations

Due to their lightweight, PTFE gaskets can be easily shipped and stored on pallets, making them an ideal material for bulk and bulk handling applications.


To protect against loss of fluid pressure, PTFE gaskets are designed to self-seal. The gas-tight seal is achieved by employing a specially formulated polymer that prevents gasket movement.

Easy To Clean

PTFE gaskets can easily be cleaned and reused without losing their seal quality or performance characteristics. Furthermore, since they are resistant to chemicals and heat, they are suitable for unlimited applications.

Less Expensive To Produce

Due to their toughness and insulation properties, PTFE gaskets last a long time, and thus they only need to be replaced very rarely. Therefore, they are considered less expensive than rubber or neoprene gaskets.

Proven Performance

PTFE gaskets have been on the market for decades, and they are currently used in thousands of industrial and agricultural applications worldwide. As evidence of their durability and reliability under extreme conditions, these gaskets are still being used in many applications today, decades after being put into production.