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Neoprene Rubber Sheet Material


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Neoprene rubber is used in applications that require moderate petroleum, oil, ozone, and weathering resistance. As a black-colored material, neoprene elastomers are popular for a broad range of applications for which they are used. They are also available in various forms like open-cell, solid sheets, and closed-cell neoprene to meet specific uses and applications. Each of the neoprene rubber variations maintains an identical chemical resistance quality and is a perfect alternative to natural rubber in many areas.

Neoprene has become a widely used sheet material because of its chemical resistance property. This material can withstand the degrading effects of moderate temperature, industrial chemicals, and protect against weathering. With natural rubber in short supply, neoprene rubber sheets are a perfect replacement and alternative.

Properties of Neoprene Rubber Sheet Material

  • Abrasion Resistance – Excellent
  • Tear Resistance – Good
  • Aging Weather / Sunlight – Good
  • Solvent Resistance – Fair
  • Oil Resistance – Fair

Whether you have chosen an open cell or a closed cell neoprene material, you will likely get the same properties. Neoprene materials are excellent for their ability to withstand chemicals and their durability. They are used for both commercial strength and industrial applications. These properties make them perfect for situations where UV rays and ozone are predominant. The ability to block UV rays and ozone makes the material perfect for preventing the harsh effects of weathering.

Neoprene rubber has also been confirmed to be resistant to acetic acids and a variety of petroleum-based chemicals. Its industrial applications include use as a fire-resistant barrier and its ability to withstand temperatures as high as 220 degrees. It is used in the production of gaskets, hoses, and industrial seals. Neoprene rubber can also be used commercially in the manufacture of mats and other flooring protection, especially for restaurants and other water or oil-based businesses.

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Neoprene rubber, also known as neoprene polychloroprene, is a versatile synthetic rubber. As a multipurpose elastomer, neoprene rubber can be used to fit a wide variety of consumer products thanks to benefits like outstanding toughness and various resistances.

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gorilla gasketNeoprene Rubber Sheet Material
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